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For Lauderdale Motorcycle Accident AttorneyMotorcycle riders have the same risk of getting in an accident as other drivers on the road do. Though, due to the size of the motorcycle and how they maneuver, motorcycle drivers face certain unique causes for accidents. It is important to be aware of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents for drivers and the potential injuries they may cause. It is crucial that motorcycle drivers take extra precautions when on the road, as they’re at an increased risk of getting in a serious accident that may cause a serious injury, or worse. If you sustain injuries or damages due to a no-fault accident, you should call Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident lawyers at Weinstein & Scharf, P.A. to represent you and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

Car Doors

One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents is car doors. Motorcyclists oftentimes experience accidents as the result of a car driver opening their door as the motorcycle is passing by. Even when the motorcycle rider is following all laws and riding in their lane, car doors may cause an impact that could seriously injure a rider. The motorcycle driver may be thrown off of his/her seat at a high speed and land on the pavement and/or collide with another vehicle.


Driving Under The Influence (DUI) has claimed the lives of more than 10,000 people just in 2016. Drunk driving continues to be a leading cause of both car and motorcycle accidents across the United States and Broward County, especially here in Fort Lauderdale. It is important to speak with motorcycle accident lawyers if you have been involved in an accident due to drunk driving.

Unsafe Roads

Potholes, uneven pavement, debris in the road, and other unsafe conditions pose a danger for motorcycle drivers as they head down the roadway. These issues increase the risk that a driver loses control over their motorcycle and, in turn, their chances of getting injured.

Unsafe Lane Changes

Changing lanes when it is not safe to do so is another common cause of motorcycle accidents. Many drivers fail to check their rearview mirrors for oncoming traffic before attempting to change lanes, resulting in motorcycle accidents far too many times. Our motorcycle accident lawyers unfortunately see this often and accidents like these can also come with serious injuries.


Wind, rain, fog, and other weather elements can significantly impact a driver’s ability to see the road and objects ahead of them. Inclement weather only increases the chances of getting into an accident and can lead to serious injuries for motorcyclists since there is no windshield or roof to protect them from the elements or road. Since motorcyclists are already at an increased risk of not being seen by car and truck drivers, weather elements only worsen the odds that bikers will experience an accident.


A defective motorcycle is yet another common reason for motorcycle accidents. Thousands of motorcycles are recalled by the manufacturer every year when defects are discovered. It is important to make sure you are receiving any recall information about your motorcycle so you can ensure your motorcycle is working properly and reduce your risk for an accident. It is also in your best interest to reach out to motorcycle accident lawyers if a defective part or component has failed on the bike and resulted in an accident that would’ve otherwise been avoided. You have legal rights and our motorcycle accident lawyers can help protect your rights.
Although this is not a complete list of the causes of motorcycle accidents, it is an overview of the most common ones and ones our motorcycle accident lawyers hear about often. It is important to take all proper measures necessary to protect yourself from an accident if you operate a motorcycle. Your life, as well as that of other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians, is on the line!

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Most Common Types Of Injuries Caused By
Fort Lauderdale Motorcycle Accidents

Whatever the cause of a motorcycle accident, those involved in the collision oftentimes experience major injuries. The risk of dying in a motorcycle accident is also quite substantial since a motorcycle lacks the protection (i.e. roof, doors) that other vehicles have. If you are dealing with an injury caused by the negligence of another driver, our motorcycle accident lawyers can fight on your behalf while you recover.

Some of the most common types of injuries a person involved in a motorcycle accident may sustain includes:

Road Rash:

Road rash is very common after a motorcycle accident. Road rash happens after a person is thrown from their motorcycle and dragged along the road. The type of clothing that a person is wearing at the time of the crash impacts the location, type, and severity of their road rash. Mild bruising to severe gashes and nerve damage are potential injuries that a motorcycle driver can easily sustain in an accident.

Head & Brain Injuries:

A head or brain injury is the most common type of injury sustained after a motorcycle accident. It’s also the most serious. Whiplash, cracked skulls, concussions, and brain injuries are all potential head injuries. These injuries can range from mild to severe and the use of a helmet can help prevent serious damage. TBI, or traumatic brain injury, occurs after a sudden hit to the head and leads to brain damage and sometimes even death. Unfortunately, this happens a lot with motorcycle riders and it is crucial to protect yourself as much as possible. If you or a loved one is dealing with a head or brain injury caused by an accident, our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers can help.

Broken Bones:

When a motorcycle crashes, the bike typically topples to the ground, sending those who were on it flying onto the pavement or through the air. Such a hard impact often leads to broken bones. Broken legs tend to be the most common, though broken bones in one’s arms, feet, and hands are also common.

Neck Injuries:

When a person’s neck is quickly jolted out of place during an accident, neck injuries tend to follow. Neck injuries can be minor, such as a broken collarbone, or major, such as permanent paralysis. If you are dealing with a neck injury caused by a motorcycle accident, you should speak to our motorcycle accident lawyers to hear your options and see how we can help you recover.

How To Reduce The Risk Of A Motorcycle Accident

Motorcyclists must take extra precautions to stay safe while operating their bikes. Even some precautions can reduce the risk of being involved in a motorcycle crash, as well as avoid the injuries that would come with it. It is important to remember that motorcycles can be harder to see than other vehicles. Some drivers may not see them at all, especially at night or when there are larger vehicles in the way. It is always smart to maintain a safe distance behind other vehicles and limit time on the road at night if you are on a motorcycle.

Keep a close eye out for other drivers who share the roadway with you, especially when driving in crowded cities as the risk of a driver opening their car doors rises. Open car doors are one of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents and an accident of this nature can be deadly. Make sure to keep a safe distance from the edge of the road in order to minimize the risk and keep a lookout for open car doors.

Never operate a motorcycle without a special motorcycle license and training. Driving a motorcycle is not as simple as driving a car. Those who think they are just the same put themselves at an increased risk of being involved in a motorcycle accident. It is also important that you wear a safety helmet any time you operate your motorcycle. A quality helmet can minimize or prevent head injuries in the event of an accident.

Call Fort Lauderdale Motorcycle Accident Lawyers At Weinstein & Scharf, P.A.

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident and suffer from any of the injuries listed above, it is crucial that you tend to your health before doing anything else. Once you are well enough, it is critical to sit down and speak to motorcycle accident lawyers to review your case. It may be necessary to file a lawsuit, since insurance companies may not be ready to pay out the amount necessary for your full recovery. Our motorcycle accident lawyers offer free consultations to accident victims, and it is no cost to you to schedule a time to talk to our Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident lawyers. If you need to file a lawsuit, the motorcycle accident lawyers at Weinstein & Scharf, P.A. will fight for justice and ensure that you get the most compensation possible for your motorcycle accident.

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